MPA Course Offerings

Note: The information on this page is subject to amendments without prior notice.

Course Code / Overview - Name / Description Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2015
MAA521 - Économie Yes No No No Yes
MBA521 - Economics Yes No No Yes No
MPA521 - Canadian Government And Public Policy Yes No No Yes No
MPA523 - Defence Decision Making No Yes No Yes No
MPA525 - Policing Administration
No Yes No Yes No
MPA527 - Professional Ethics and Defence Management No Yes No No Yes
MPA529 - Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy No Yes No No Yes
MPA537 - Financial Decision-making No Yes No Yes No
MPA539 - Economics of Defence Yes No No Yes No
MPA549 - Economics Of National Security No Yes No No Yes
MPA555 - Management Information Systems No Yes No No Yes
MPA557 - Strategic Management For Defence No No Yes No No
MPA559 - Project Management No No Yes No No
MPA565 - Conflic Analysis Management No No No No No
MPA567 - Managing And Resolving Violent Conflicts No No No No Yes
MPA569 - Organizational Theory No Yes No No Yes
MPA571 - Policies No No No No No
MPA573 - Leading and Working in a Diverse Environment No No No No No
MPA575 - Human Security: Theory and Practice No No No No No
MPA577 - Interagency Coordination No No No Yes No
MPA581 - Decision and Policy Analysis No Yes No No Yes
MPA583 - Issues in the Health of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families Yes No No No No

How to Register

Portal - Summer 2014 portal registrations will open March 10, 2014

Notes on Graduate Studies courses

Course Fees: 2013-2014

MPA students are permitted to take courses from the MBA course offerings. Prior approval from the MPA Chair is required.

For further information, please contact the Division of Continuing Studies:

  • Danielle Tardif-Smith, Programme Representative (A to K) 613-541-6000, ext 3991, CSN 271-3991
  • Georges Lachance, Programme Representative (L to Z) 613-541-6000, ext 6862, CSN 271-6862

How to order textbooks

  1. Textbook and reader prices are approximate and subject to change.
  2. Textbooks and readers can be ordered from the Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University, whose phone numbers are 613-533-2955 and 1-800-267-9478.
  3. Please note that textbooks can only be ordered for the current semester.