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  1. Scholarships Prizes and Awards

    the section on Admission Plans. Scholarships awarded in recognition of academic merit may be retained under ... of the Reserve Entry Training Plan are required to pay fees to defray part of the costs of the academic year. See ... with the Social Insurance registry at Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) Credit history: If you did ...

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  2. Academic Programmes | Undergraduate Studies

    Academic Programmes Degrees and Programmes Offered General Information Arts Programmes Core ... Offered The Royal Military College of Canada offers academic programmes leading to the undergraduate ... (Honours) B.A. (Honours) 40 Business Administration English French History Politics Economics Military ...

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  3. Academic Programmes- Admissions

    History Politics Military And Strategic Studies Psychology The Faculty of Arts offers, through ...

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  4. Academic Programmes Offered | Division of Continuing Studies

    is designed to be earned over an extended period, integrating professional training and academic study ... Resource Management HIE208: Canadian Military History: A Study of War and Military History, 1867 ... to the Present or another Miliary History course HIE275: Survey of Technology, Society and Warfare POE ...

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  5. Academic Prerequisites

    Academic Prerequisites General Prerequisites Academic Prerequisites by Programme Academic ... : Baccalaureate programmes; Arts- (Business Administration, English, French, History, Politics, Economics ... or CEGEP 1; Possess academic standards higher than those specified above; or, Meet the conditions ...

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  6. General Information | Academics

    , the demands of an RMCC education go beyond academic achievement. For officer cadets of the Regular Officer ... -Commissioned Members (UTPNCM), the RMCC degree consists of four interlocking components: Academics, Leadership ... faculty participation in research in order to sustain academic excellence. Research with a defence focus ...

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  7. Course Overviews

    -Confederation Canada HIE205- Canadian Military History: (Origins to 1870) HIE208- Canadian Military History: A Study ... in War and Military History, 1867 to the Present HIE275- Survey of Technology, Society and Warfare HIE ... 301- Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: A History HIE340- History of the First World War HIE342- History of the Second ...

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  8. FAR on Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP)- Results from the History Programme (2013)

    feature of the History Department and one which is undoubtedly the envy of academics in other Canadian ... .  The History Department believes adamantly that it is crucial that academics within RMCC (or from other ... As you are aware, the RMCC History Programme recently underwent an IQAP review. What follows ...

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  9. History Indexes and Databases

    Connect from Off Campus Academic Search Premier (through CFVL) Academic Search Premier indexes ... area of academic study and offers information dating as far back as 1975. This database is updated ... to Africa America: History and Life, 1964- Index to theses and over 2,000 periodicals from over 80 countries ...

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  10. David K. Varey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, History Coordinator, Division of Continuing Studies

    of History Royal Military College of Canada PO Box 17000, Station Forces Kingston, Ontario CANADA K7K 7B4 Dr ... before pursing an academic career. He is a graduate of both the MA (1995) and PhD (2005) War Studies ... for the Department of History and for three years, beginning in 2005, he served in the Principal's Office at RMC ...

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