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  1. Mathematics and Computer Science- Graduate Studies

    Math or Computer Science Programmes General Information Programme Requirements Course Descriptions ... MA501 Advanced Math Topics MA503 Optimization Theory and Applications MA505 Topics in Differential ... and Ontologies MA543 Discrete-Time Stochastic Processes Modeling CS501 Advanced Topics in Computer Science CS ...

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  2. Academic Prerequisites

    Academic Prerequisites General Prerequisites Academic Prerequisites by Programme Academic ... or CEGEP 1; Possess academic standards higher than those specified above; or, Meet the conditions ... . The requirements for admission to each of the programmes are summarized below. Academic Prerequisites by Programme ...

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  3. General Information | Academics

    , the demands of an RMCC education go beyond academic achievement. For officer cadets of the Regular Officer ... -Commissioned Members (UTPNCM), the RMCC degree consists of four interlocking components: Academics, Leadership ... faculty participation in research in order to sustain academic excellence. Research with a defence focus ...

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  4. Scholarships Prizes and Awards

    the section on Admission Plans. Scholarships awarded in recognition of academic merit may be retained under ... of the Reserve Entry Training Plan are required to pay fees to defray part of the costs of the academic year. See ... and academic standards for admission and be the child of a person who was killed, has died, or is severely ...

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  5. Prerequisites by Province

    , or Academic Math 11 or 12 Science English 12 / French 12 Advanced Math 12 And any two of the following: Pre ... Biology 30 Engineering English 30-1 Mathematics 30-1 and Math 31 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 Saskatchewan ... courses. Arts English A30 and B30 Foundations of Math 20, or Foundations of Math 30, or Pre-Calculus 30 ...

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  6. Terms of Reference (DSS)

    Prior to the start of each academic year one Departmental Senior Student will be appointed ... Administration (MBA); Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science and Math; Defence Management ... by the CO Senior Students, Military Academic Staff or the Senior Student (e.g. assisting with the conduct ...

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  7. Terms of Reference (SSC)

    ; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science and Math; Defence Management and Policy (MA DMP); Electrical ... and will meet at least four times per academic year, typically at the start and midpoint of the fall and winter ... academic semesters. The committee will discuss and address issues of a general academic, administrative ...

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  8. Dr. G. Simons

    theory, logic, proofs, number systems, complex numbers, polynomial algebra. CS 585 Software Engineering ... Courses (1999-2003) Winter 2003 CS 585 Software Engineering Mathematics Fall 2002 MAE 229A Linear Algebra ... CSE 321A / CS 591 Analysis of Algorithms Winter 2002 MAE 101 Introductory Calculus CSE 321B Analysis ...

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  9. Academic Regulations

    Academic Grades Academic Distinctions Aegrotat Standing Pass Standing Warning Probation Failed Term ... , Grievances, Appeals and Re-reads of Examinations Academic Misconduct Additional Regulations of the Royal ... is the official version to be used. Definitions Academic Year: For full-time students, the period from September ...

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  10. Chemistry Programs Final Assessment Report and Implementation Plan

    of the Vice-Principal (Academic), the Dean of the Faculty of Science, the Associate Dean of Science, Heads ... and are consistent with RMCC’s mission and academic priorities. The admission requirements, the recently revised ... found to be equivalent. The demands of the combined military and academic program were noted, as well ...

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