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  1. Scholarships Prizes and Awards

    . A medal is awarded annually in each academic programme to the graduating student standing highest ... to the student standing highest in each academic programme in the Second and Third Year, providing the year has ... ) Programme Prizes Programme Prizes are awarded annually to the student standing highest in each academic ...

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  2. General Information | Academics

    of living in the 21st century. The academic programme emphasizes the practical applications of what has been ... , the Director of Cadets, the Registrar, the Academic Director of RMC St-Jean, a faculty representative ... of Governors The Senate The Faculty Council The Faculty Board Office of The Registrar Explanation of Course ...

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  3. Academic Regulations

    academic programmes, of a course consisting of about 39 hours of lectures, normally delivered in one term ... The Academic Regulations for the RMCC Undergraduate Programme were amended effective 1 September 2003 ... Variable across Years 1 per term above the normal programme Science: All Years 3 per term | 8 per academic ...

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  4. RMCC Previous Year Academic Fees

    of Canada. Consequently, all tuition and academic fees related to the conduct of academic services have been ... adjusted to comply with Treasury Board Regulations." RMCC Academic Year 2014-2015 Fees (Effective 01 ... Admission and Programme Administration Fees Services Fees General application (Non-refundable) (excludes ...

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  5. Academic Regulations- Graduate Studies

    a request through the Portal or an Academic Change Form to the Office of the Registrar. Neither notifying ... enrolled in graduate degree programmes at RMCC, will be reported to the Registrar by inter ...

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  6. RMCC Academic Fees

    Administrative Fees Tuition Fees RMCC Academic Fees (Effective 01 September 2015 until 31 August ... . Administrative Fees Admission and Programme Administration Fees Services Fees General application (Non ... -refundable) (excludes students with an MOU in place or an OVGS student)  $ 60.00 Change of Programme Footnote 1 $ 50 ...

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  7. RMCC-CFC Joint Programmes

    Academic Information General Information Contact Information RMCC-CFC joint Programmes (Royal Military ... is published by the Office of the Registrar and can be viewed at the RMCC Academic Fees web page. Academic ... of these academic programmes, CFC is considered a campus of RMCC. Therefore, as part of the RMCC academic offerings ...

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  8. Academic Programmes | Undergraduate Studies

    Academic Programmes Degrees and Programmes Offered General Information Arts Programmes Core ... Offered The Royal Military College of Canada offers academic programmes leading to the undergraduate ... Courses for Arts Programmes Science Programmes Core Courses for Science Programmes Engineering Programmes ...

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  9. Support to IQAP

    -Studies of programmes under review. Working with the Office of the Registrar and College information Systems, QA ... programme reviews. QA is also responsible for the systematic maintenance of the Institutional Quality ... Assurance (OUCQA or Quality Council) for any revisions to it. QA's Role in Cyclic Programme Reviews ...

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  10. Guide to Undergraduate Distance Education

    Assignments Final Exam Registration Change of Academic Programme and Re-admission Academic Regulations ... provided by DCS. This Guide serves only the academic programmes offered by RMCC through DCS. Distance ... or is not registered in an academic programme that could eventually make him/her a student in the subject course ...

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